A fleet of 300 diesel, gas and electric powered trucks with a load capacity of 1-5 tonnes is available to our customers. Forklifts can be rented for a period as short as a few days or even for several years.

If required, with 2-3 years of reservation, we offer to replace the complete machine fleet needed for the material handling.

Our machines have the appropriate documentation, so they can be put into service immediately at the place of operation. Delivery is done with our own trailer, so your desired forklift will be delivered within a few hours after ordering.

We also offer complete logistics, material handling and loading services along with a forklift truck driver and material handling equipment.

In case of interest, our staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the most suitable forklift type for the given task and the most advantageous rental scheme.

Hungarian Distributor:
Address: Balatonfűzfő, Szállás u. 1. H-8184, Hungary
Telephone: +36 88 451 488 // E-mail:
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2019. március 31-ig 3.950.000 Ft + Áfa-ért vásárolható meg:

1,5 tonnás elektromos 3m toronnyal Akkumulátorral töltővel 3.950.000 Ft + Áfa

• ár eredeti akkumulátor és töltővel értendő
• szállítási határidő: Készletről 4-5 hét a rendelés visszaigazolástól számítva ( készleten lévő akkumulátorok elfogytak )

A Targonca Hawker akkumulátorral is elérhető azzal az ára 14 298 000 Ft + Áfa