National service network

We have all the instruments and tools needed to repair the trucks, as well as the activity permit compulsory for repairing trucks with a gas engine, the gas fitting workshop required for this purpose and the analyser mandatory for their adjustment. This way, we can perform the adjustment of gas engine trucks at our plant or on site.

At our central servicing location, we can repair 20 forklifts simultaneously, where we can carry out overhaul and complete refurbishment of all types of trucks, as well as the renovation of main parts on request with guarantee.

Service repairs, troubleshooting, other repairs of defective trucks, checks, repairs of defects detected during periodic expert controls are carried out with our 21 servicing vehicles in any area of the country as soon as possible.

Highly trained professionals work in our factory, who have established the professional reputation of NIKETRANS Targonca Kft. Our mechanics have participated in a number of training programs of large truck manufacturers and other courses, where they have mastered the knowledge required for impeccable work and have been well trained in repairing HC, Cat®, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Steinbock-Boss, Toyota, OMG, Balkancar and other forklifts.

We offer the servicing and maintenance of, as well as performing work safety tests on the complete machine fleet of our customers.

For the duration of the repair of the forklift trucks, we provide a replacement truck (for hire) on demand, which is delivered to the site on our own truck transporting trailer, on the basis of arrangement.

Our servicing locations:

  • Balatonfűzfő (central site),
  • Budapest,
  • Győr,
  • Nyíregyháza,
  • Pécs,
  • Szeged.
Hungarian Distributor:
Address: Balatonfűzfő, Szállás u. 1. H-8184, Hungary
Telephone: +36 88 451 488 // E-mail:
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2019. március 31-ig 3.950.000 Ft + Áfa-ért vásárolható meg:

1,5 tonnás elektromos 3m toronnyal Akkumulátorral töltővel 3.950.000 Ft + Áfa

• ár eredeti akkumulátor és töltővel értendő
• szállítási határidő: Készletről 4-5 hét a rendelés visszaigazolástól számítva ( készleten lévő akkumulátorok elfogytak )

A Targonca Hawker akkumulátorral is elérhető azzal az ára 14 298 000 Ft + Áfa